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Registration Process

A Trademark can be a word, design, slogan, color and even a sound that is used to distinguish goods (e.g. Apple for computers or Harley Davidson for motorcycles) or services (e.g. Google for search engine services or Beatles for a musical group). Trademarks can be registered in a variety of classes.  For example, the mark Starbucks is federally registered for restaurant services, clothing, mugs, newsletters and, of course, coffee.

Generally, U.S. trademark rights begin when the mark is actually used to promote goods or services to the public. This is different from many other countries where the rights begin when a trademark is filed for registration. While registration is not required in the U.S., there are significant benefits gained by registering your trademark with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office (the USPTO). These include, notice to the public of ownership, a legal presumption of the ownership and exclusive right to use the registered trademark with the related goods and services.  Absent registration, rights to use the mark may be limited to the geographic area where the mark is used.

Through our 3 Step Process we offer a hands-on approach and cutting-edge technology to to assist you in registering your trademarks.

Step 1: Free Consultation

We offer a FREE consultation to review your trademark goals and needs. If we are the right fit for you then we’ll send over an engagement letter to start the work. Once we receive the signed engagement letter and retainer we’ll begin gathering the information about your mark and the related goods and services for STEP 2.

Step 2: Searching

Conducting a trademark search helps identify marks that may prevent you from registering and using your proposed mark. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to conduct searches across federal and state trademark registries, business names, domain names and other common law uses in the United States. A report is prepared and sent to you along with relevant search results and our analysis. If the report is clear, then we will proceed with STEP 3. If issues are identified then we will consult with you about your options.

Step 3: Filing

A trademark application is prepared and sent to you for review and, following approval, filed with the USPTO. Once the application is submitted, it is reviewed by a Trademark Examining Attorney at the USPTO. It important to remember that filing a trademark application does not guarantee that the mark will be approved and registered, but our goal prior to filing is to help identify and navigate potential barriers to registration.

Simple Pricing

We provide a simple pricing option for searching, preparing and registering trademark applications with the USPTO. Need additional or specialized services? No problem, choose from our list of options to to meet your needs.

  • Basic Registration*
    • Attorney consultation to review trademark goals and needs.
    • Review applicable classes for related goods and services.
    • Conduct full search in the U.S. of federal trademarks, all 50 state trademark registries, business names, domain names, and other common law sources, and provide report.
    • Prepare and file trademark application with the USPTO.
    • Respond to non-substantive USPTO Office Actions.
    • Send trademark registration certificate.
    • $750

      (plus government fees)      
  • Additional Services
    • Assistance with previously filed trademark application
    • Respond to Office Action for previously filed trademark application
    • License Agreement preparation
    • Purchase/Sale Agreement preparation
    • Declaration of Use or Renewal Filing
    • Monitoring and Watch Services for trademarks and domain names
    • Even More: Copyright Services, Website Agreements, Contract Preparation and Negotiation, and Business Agreements.
    • Contact For Quote


*NOTE: The USPTO government filing fee currently ranges from $225 to $325 per class, depending on various factors. The fee options will be discussed following a review of the proposed mark and application.

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